Take the Stress out of Hair Shrinkage!!!

Its Slinky

“Stretch it like a slinky,make it lengthy.” That’s what I do
when my hair shrinks.”

I have my frustrations with hair! I definitely do! I always wonder, why
does my hair have to shrink? There’s no purpose in African American hair
shrinking. I also always wondered why why why does the curls of African
American hair not always have definition!

With the curly pattern Black hair has already, the curls should always be
enhanced. We shouldn’t have to use products to define our curl! I thank God
for having natural hair though, cause it’s stronger than relaxed hair. Some
things are just not worth the risk in hair damage, but natural hair is fun anyways!

My goal is not to have straight hair, just see my maximum length
without the shrinkage. So I started a “mini” journey to see what I
can do to rid myself of shrinkage. Pick from what you like:

1. Twisting or braiding: hair in sections while it’s wet can get rid of shrinkage

2. Hair treatments: can be helpful to give your curls that maximum length
look. For example yogurt treatments, sour cream treatments, or plain
milk treatments help reduce shrinkage. Wow! I need to journey even more! These
are treatments I never heard of. Yet, they have something in common. They have
lactic acid, which stretches out the hair and some people have reported
less shrinkage after usage. Also, keep in mind that all treatments have
a different effect on different hair.The caramel treatment also involves
molasses, honey, bananas, and vinegar.

3. Banding: This process involves taking the hair section by section when
it is wet and tying multiple hair bands from root to tip. (Yes root to tip just
like they say in the commercials) Hair continues to be stretched as it
dries. Keep in mind, you can be colorful as well by putting a range
of color bands on your hair. Afterwards, take them off and style in
your desired routine.

4. Natural oils: Avocado butter/Shea Butter stretches curly hair.
Braid or twist the hair with butter and it will have less shrinkage.

5. Blow-Drying: The Most popular form of stretching hair
that most people love is blow-drying! You can use your blow dryer
to lengthen your hair.The hair dryer should be at a warm level.
If you want to avoid heat damage, the hair dryer should not be
on a hot level and should not be too close to the hair.

In closing, hair is just like a baby, we must take care of it.
BE gentle, be diligent in your hair care needs. I hope I provided
some new information. If not, have you tried any method already?

I have yet to try these methods, but when I do I will come back
and give a little update on how I rate these methods.



3 thoughts on “Take the Stress out of Hair Shrinkage!!!

  1. I love this. Many people do not realize how easy it can be to take care of hair! I myself just cut most of my hair off. New Beginnings!

    Please follow my blog:

    1. I’m glad I found something for your enjoyment. I would have never known if I had not researched this online. I remember when I was starting off fresh and regrowing hair. My hair is 4 inches and I want it to grow like crazy. I’m using wild Hair growth Oil. I just started a week ago and waiting on results. I will definitely check out your blog.

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